Does your property comply with new minimum energy performance laws coming into force on 1st April 2018?

Properties must be rated 'E' for energy efficiency

As we wrote about last year, from 1st April 2018 landlords will be unable to grant a new tenancy if their property’s Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) does not show at least a rating of 'E' for energy efficiency. We strongly suggest you take a look at your property's rating to ensure it complies with the new law. All EPCs can be found via the online EPC Register.

EPCs have been a legal requirement for all rented properties since 2008. Each certificate last for 10 years and rates a property’s energy efficiency between A and G, with A being the highest rating possible. They show how efficiently a home uses energy, the cost of running a home and recommendations on how to improve the overall energy efficiency.

My property has an 'F' or 'G' rating, which is below the new minimum 'E' standard. What happens now?

The law states you are unable to grant a new tenancy until a new EPC is produced demonstrating the property is sufficiently energy efficient. The current tenancy can continue until its end, but it cannot be renewed for a new fixed-term or periodically until the property is compliant.

I've done some work to my property since the EPC on record was produced, so I think my property is now rated higher than shown. How do I prove this?

The easiest way is to have a new EPC produced, which costs in the region of £55 when done through CPS Homes letting agents. They last for 10 years and many are coming up for renewal now in any case because the requirement for EPCs on all rented properties first came into force in October 2008.

What would make my property energy inefficient?

Typically, properties with a low rating have one or more of the following characteristics;

  • No central heating or a central heating system with a very inefficient boiler.
  • An uninsulated hot water cylinder.
  • Solid walls, uninsulated cavity walls or walls of a non-traditional construction type.
  • Less than 100mm of loft insulation.
  • Single glazed windows.
  • No low energy light bulbs or draught proofing.

What are the penalties for not having an EPC with at least an 'E' rating?

You will not be able to serve a valid Section 21 Notice (which is required in order to legally terminate a tenancy) and you may have to pay a fine of up to £4,000.

If you're a landlord looking for a new EPC certificate, or just looking for advice regarding how to best improve the energy performance of your buy-to-let property, speak with the team at CPS Homes. Call us on 02920 668585, email:, or pop into our Woodville Road branch in Cathays today.

21 March 2018


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