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Six top tips that will help you achieve the maximum sales price for your home

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Our Albany Road branch’s Sales Manager, Sian Hiatt, shares her expert opinion with six tips to help ensure you achieve the highest possible sales price for your property;

  1. Opening curtains fully and taking down any dark upholstery will allow more light to travel through your property, allowing your buyer to truly appreciate the size of your rooms.
  2. Beautifully curb-ilicious: be the local talking point for all the right reasons by power-washing your frontage, brushing down cracked paint, bedding a couple of tasteful plants, arranging a few pots and getting rid of the dreaded pathway weeds. First impressions are important, so razzle-dazzle them from the very start!
  3. Suds and Sparkle: whether you’re walking into a B&B in Bognor or a five-star resort in the Maldives, clean is everyone’s minimum expectation, so get those marigolds out! A thorough clean will make all the difference to the final price you accept; windows, skirting boards, walls, ceilings – top to bottom sparkle and shine!
  4. Time to get humping! Nothing turns buyers off more than floor-to-ceiling hording. So hump that clutter up them stairs, get vacuum bagging unused clothes (or maybe it’s time to be brutal for the charity shop), invest in storage boxes and utilise space in wardrobes. Give your buyers the chance to get a real feel for your space. Remember – eyes on that asking price!
  5. Repair and Replace: chipped walls, cracked tiles, ripped wallpaper… the little things count! The last thing you want is a buyer haggling on price for the sake of a minor job. Spending a little could save you a lot!
  6. Fragrance, sir? The scent of your property goes a long way towards turning buyers on or off. Whilst the obvious things like cooking fish or spices the night before a viewing are a no-no, too much of a good thing can also be a turn off. Try for neutral, light scents to complement your home and avoid heavy cinnamons or synthetic fruit smells.

As Cardiff's largest estate agent, we at CPS Homes have the experience and knowledge to ensure your property sale is smooth. To learn more about maximising the value of your home, please call Sian today on 02920 454555 or e-mail her via

25 October 2017


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