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Landlords regularly ask us this important question; "Is my student property guaranteed to attract new tenants each year?"
Our answer is always "No, it's not". Not even the best letting agents in town can guarantee tenants each year.
The standard of student housing in Cardiff is continually improving, so as a landlord you can’t afford to rest on your laurels and assume your property is going to be in high demand each year. It’s important to know where it sits in today's market and how it compares to the competition it's up against.
And, remember, it’s not only other student houses your property is competing against. As we wrote about recently, there's been a huge number of purpose-built student accommodation blocks go up in Cardiff over the last couple of years - all brand-new with high-spec finishes.
If you’re committed to securing future tenants and open to listening to our ideas on how you can move with the market, why not arrange a free property visit with us? This offer is open to both current and prospective clients. Book it via or by calling us on 02920 668585.
You can view a sample of the various redevelopment projects we’ve overseen in recent years via the Case Studies section of our website.

30 August 2017


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