Natwest research declares Cardiff the most affordable city for students

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The Natwest Student Living Index has recently found that Cardiff is the most affordable city in the UK for university students. Aberdeen and Durham were the two cities following closely behind. This year, 3,407 students across 35 popular university cities (10 more than last year) were asked about their personal expenditures on life essentials and social activities, and Cardiff has dramatically improved on last year’s 7th place finish by leaping into the top spot.

The core questions asked during the survey centred around food, rent and bills, but students were also asked how they juggle their time between studying, working and socialising with friends, as well as how much money they earn during the term time.

What about the average monthly rental costs?

When it comes to monthly rental costs, students in Cardiff have one of the lowest expenditures, with rent across the city costing an average of £384.23 a month. In comparison to nearby cities, students in Swansea spend a monthly average of £398.03 on their rent, and those in Bristol spend a monthly average of £492.53. At the top end of the scale, it will come as no surprise to see London students spending £584.32 a month for their student accommodation.

What about the income?

Students in Cardiff were found to be among the highest part-time earners, with the majority of student income coming from part-time work. The results were a little different elsewhere, with many cities seeing students heavily subsidised by the bank of mum and dad.

Those studying at Cardiff University, or considering it for the future, will also be pleased to find that the city offers the cheapest deal for cinema tickets at £6.50. Hurrah!

When food, household items and the usual essentials are taken out of the frame, the biggest student expenditure is socialising with friends, with the average student spending £43.30 a month. Students surveyed in Wales (Cardiff, Swansea and Aberystwyth) spend more than the UK average on alcohol, so it’s a good job Cardiff are joint 3rd for the cheapest average price of a pint (£3.00) across the UK.

Last year saw Portsmouth claim the prime spot for the cheapest university city, but 2017 has seen them slip into 13th place, proving it can be tough at the top. Cardiff will hopefully be up there challenging again next year!

If you’re a student, or soon-to-be student looking to find out more about living costs and budgeting, or to see how far your money will go in the wonderful city of Cardiff, you can view a list on the Cardiff university website.

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18 August 2017


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