Save thousands of pounds by restructuring your property portfolio under a corporate umbrella

Save thousands of pounds by restructuring your property portfolio under a corporate umbrellaFor those landlords who have a residential property portfolio and can't afford to incorporate due to expensive refinancing costs and increased stamp duty taxes on buy-to-lets, there may be a solution to the problem.

As we know, the additional 3% stamp duty on buy-to-lets, as well as the loss of mortgage interest tax relief and wear & tear allowance, has left some landlords with nowhere to go and facing an uncertain future.

However, Buy to Let Restructuring claim to offer an interim solution which allows landlords to restructure their residential portfolio under a corporate umbrella without the need to transfer the legal titles.

While they admit they can't predict what new tax changes the next budget may bring, the company are confident that restructuring in this way allows landlords breathing space to plan a way forward for their buy-to-let portfolio, whilst benefiting from the flexibility a corporate structure brings.

  • No refinancing required;
  • Low corporation tax of 20% applies;
  • Defer tax payable for 21 months;
  • Tax free dividend up to £5,000;
  • Offset costs against revenue;
  • No stamp duty;
  • Stop the clock on Capital Gains

If this is a move that interests you, please don’t hesitate to make contact with us here at CPS Homes estate agents via

Please note that, as they suggest themselves, you should seek legal and accountancy advice before proceeding with Buy to Let Restructuring in order to ensure the process will work for you.

28 June 2017


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