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You're breaking the law if you're a landlord and haven't yet registered with Rent Smart Wales

Rent Smart WalesOn 23rd November 2015, it became a legal requirement for landlords to register themselves and their property (or properties) with Rent Smart Wales.

You must register even if a letting agent such as ourselves here at CPS Homes manages the buy-to-let property on your behalf. Your agent cannot complete the registration for you. Here is how to register.

Furthermore, if you carry out any form of letting or property management, you also need a Rent Smart Wales licence (please don’t confuse this with a HMO licence). If in doubt, please view the full list of letting and property management duties.

Finally, if a letting agent manages the property on your behalf, you must ensure that you have specified the agent during the registration process. If you registered a while ago and aren’t sure if you specified the agent, it’s probably worth logging into your account and double-checking.

Should you require any assistance, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us via

19 May 2017


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