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First impressions count for a lot

BedroomYou only have one chance to make a first impression! Selling your home for the best possible price means you need a dedicated estate agent and intelligent home-staging advice. A few small changes can make the world of difference and encourage the offers to come flooding in.

Dress to impress

Keep a buyer’s niggling doubts away by fixing small items such as loose tiles and squeaky door handles. No matter how small they may seem, these bits and pieces do reflect on the overall care given to a property, so don’t give potential purchasers a reason to be mentally calculating ‘fix-it’ costs as they look around.


Start by seeing your home through other people’s eyes and take a quick photograph of the room. We want buyers to be focused on the beautiful features of your home and not on general clutter, so remove anything that may distract their eye from the main event.


We want your property to be inviting and homely, but if it’s overwhelmingly ‘you’ it can prove to be a disadvantage when it comes to selling, unfortunately. Buyers need to be able to imagine their belongings in your property and mentally move themselves in, so remove anything that reflects too much of your personality.

Tone down colour

Whilst we love colour in a home, try to keep colour schemes simple and connected throughout the property. This helps rooms flow and gives the buyer a calming journey around your home. Ultimately, we want the buyer to notice the lovely architectural features of your home and not be distracted by the colour of your curtains.

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28 October 2016


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