Looking to sell your home? Get a property valuation

Get a free property valuation with CPS Homes todayWith property prices on the up generally across Wales and the whole of the UK, it’s important to know that if you plan on selling your property, you need to get it accurately and professionally valued, otherwise there’s a risk you could be losing money on your property sale, or you may not even succeed in selling your home.

As a Cardiff estate agency, we understand the importance of getting our clients the best value for their property, and we help them go through the sales process with as little hassle as possible.

Why get a property valuation?

There are several practical reasons to get a property valuation. First, if a seller puts their property on the market at too high a price, it’s possible that this will deter potential buyers. It’s important to remember that buyers can go online to find the most recent selling price for the property, and while this won’t account for improvements made to the property, it could dissuade them if there’s a huge disparity between the current asking price and the price it was last sold for.

Second, mortgage lenders will not allow buyers to take out a mortgage until they have verified that a property has been correctly valued. By having a property valuation at the start of the selling process, sellers can save themselves from a serious headache further down the line, and at CPS Homes, one of our main goals is to take the stress out of the selling and buying process.

Third, when a seller has a rough estimate of their home’s value they can begin to calculate whether it’ll be practical for them to move house again, and if they can afford a mortgage for that particular property. It will also allow sellers to figure out an estimate of what they’ll receive once they’ve taken into account solicitor fees, any payments owing, and the estate agent fee.

Can I down-value a property?

While most sellers will want to get the full sale price for their property, it isn’t unheard of for sellers to agree to drop their asking price. This could be because a property isn’t selling, or because the seller just wants to get the property off their hands. While a property valuation will give an accurate price range for the property, sellers aren’t bound to that price, and they can discuss lowering the asking price, but this is best done when they are sure they can afford all the costs involved with selling a property (including finding a new place to live).

At CPS Homes, we aim to make the process of selling a property as quick and painless as possible, and we even offer free valuations. For more information, please see our Sellers’ Guide where we discuss the sale process from deciding to sell through to moving day! 

If you’re looking to sell a property in Cardiff, then let CPS Homes (the largest Cardiff estate agency) help you, our professional team can help take the hassle out of the sales process. Contact our Roath or Cardiff Bay branches today to arrange your free property valuation.

08 June 2016


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