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CPS Homes logoThe renting process can be a time-consuming and complex task for both tenants and landlords: on the one hand, tenants regularly come to us with questions about their rights, what paperwork needs to be completed and what payments they are required to make; on the other hand, landlords may wonder about responsibilities, property maintenance and how to achieve the best ROI for their property. This is why it is beneficial to use a regulated, professional lettings agency who can deliver the best service to make the process easier for both tenants and landlords.

Many letting agents will provide the basic answers to these questions but, as a young and pro-active lettings agency, we strive to offer our tenants and landlords a more personal, in-depth response to any and all queries. Back in 2013, we commissioned Vibhti Thaker, a talented graphic designer, to create two unique videos designed to provide our clients with the information they need but in a more memorable way!

As these videos remain full of useful information, we feel that with many students returning to Cardiff in September looking for properties to rent, now would be a good time to re-discover them and the benefits they can bring for everyone wondering about lettings.

Our guide to renting

The first video we uploaded was a ‘Guide to Renting’ which focused on everything that a tenant needs to consider when deciding to rent a property. We felt that a video would provide the information in a more enjoyable and accessible format than a text guide (hundreds of which are available online). The video is particularly useful for students who are moving into the 2nd year of their studies as it explains the differences between living in University-provided student accommodation and private accommodation, namely bills, maintenance and licences.

Landlord and tenant responsibilities

Our second video focuses on the accountabilities of tenants and landlords, as we know it can be complicated at times to know where the responsibility lies when it comes to property maintenance and bills, such as who should replace a broken boiler or who is responsible for providing the TV licence.

This video helps to answer these questions and many more, while clearing up any misconceptions regarding what a tenant is required to do and what responsibilities fall on a landlord. We are here to improve the letting arrangement between the two parties, and believe that this video does exactly that.

You can watch the two videos right here, but if you love the videos as much as we do, please share them on social media so that fellow tenants and landlords can benefit from them. Furthermore, stay tuned to our blog as well as our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter accounts for more tips and advice on renting property as well as news from across Cardiff!

16 July 2014


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