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CPS Homes' top tips for a successful property sale

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Do you own a property you would like to put on the market? As an estate agent we have extensive experience in selling properties, so here are some tips that will help you make sure your property will be grabbed in an instant! The trick is to make your house ready for future owners and to allow potential buyers to easily imagine their lives in their new home. It should be your house, but their home. When you know someone is coming for a viewing, make sure your property is clean, tidy and attractive as this will leave a positive lasting impression on the buyer and hopefully increase the likelihood of a sale. By ensuring the property is spotless, clutter free and welcoming, you will give potential buyers the opportunity to visualise themselves living in the property.  

Pack up your personal belongings

Before you worry about spring cleaning, you need to pack up and stow away some of your personal belongings. Removing them from the sight of potential buyers will make the place look cleaner, which will create a good first impression and help potential future owners imagine making their own arrangements and personalise the interior to their taste. This provides you with a good opportunity to get rid of any unwanted belongings; if there is an item or piece of furniture you’re not planning to take with you when you move out, now is the time to take them to your local charity shop or sell them at a local car-boot sale.  

Spring clean the property

Once you've packed up your personal belongings, make sure the property is well aired by opening windows, or, if it's winter, make sure you've turned the heating on before viewings. Take care to ensure all your light bulbs work and give every room a good polish, clean, dust and vacuum. Furthermore, make sure that the kitchen cupboards are tidy and well organised, wipe down kitchen worktops, and clean the white goods (oven, fridge…) if you leave them; a dirty kitchen is certain to drive potential buyers away. If you can, it is also a good idea to give the walls a fresh lick of paint to cover up any marks.

While making sure all rooms are clean and tidy is essential, if you have a garden it is important to see to it that this area is well maintained too. The garden and surrounding areas need to be kept tidy and welcoming as a messy garden area will certainly turn away any prospective purchaser. Ensure the bins are empty - or, at worst, stored away so that they do not smell -, care for unkempt plant pots and make sure the paths are swept and washed if necessary.

Don’t forget to leave the property with a little charm!

Although your property will never look as new as it did when it was first built, cleaning it and fixing any serious problems will help it look appealing. However, be wary of removing the entire heart and soul from the property in the process of spring cleaning. The rooms need to be cleared of all things that may negatively influence the buyer, but the property still needs to look homely and inviting. Adding small touches such as fresh flowers or mood lighting can influence the first impression that people will get when they step inside of your property, and will show the potential buyer that the property has been well looked after.

Are you looking to sell a property in Cardiff? Hopefully you've found these tips helpful and are ready to put your property on the market! If you need a hand to make sure your property sells quickly for a good price, please feel free to speak with our team at CPS Homes today and take advantage of our expertise as a successful Cardiff estate agent; we can also help find your next dream home, so search our list of properties for sale today and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

25 June 2014


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