The CPS Homes guide to moving out of your student house

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It's that time of year again. Exams have finished, graduation is near, and student house tenancy is coming to an end. Doubtless your calendar will be choc-a-block with social events to see you off for the summer, but don't forget to put aside a couple of days so you can properly move out of your property. We've provided a list of 10 things you'll need to remember before you hand in the keys of your student house.

1. Packing

Packing is the part of moving we tend to put off, but we actually recommend doing it first, as you'll find it so much easier to thoroughly clean the property when all your belongings are tidily packed away. We advise you to store items in a clear plastic box, or suitcase the essentials you'll need before you unpack in your next place. It's very easy to convince yourself that you'll need the collection of vodka bottles you've had on display on your shelf since Freshers', but be ruthless with what you choose to keep as you'll regret taking the entirety of your university room when it comes to carrying and unpacking the boxes.

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2. Cleaning

Set aside a day when all your house mates can clean the property. Remember to check those hard-to-reach places (e.g. behind appliances and furniture) to make sure the house is left spotless.

3. Deep cleaning

It’s not enough to give the property a quick hoover and a dust - you’ll also need to make sure you give everything a good deep clean. You should defrost the freezer (if you don’t have an automatic defrosting system, allow a few hours to half a day for the ice to melt), clear out the fridge, and, unfortunately, you’ll have to remove the unknown burnt food which has been festering at the bottom of the oven for a while.

4. Get rid of rubbish

The bags of rubbish are bound to start piling up as you pack and clean, but don’t fret as Cardiff Council usually put on extra rubbish collection days during the student moving out period. To check when these extra days are, visit the Cardiff Digs website.

5. Cancel and settle bills

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Make sure you notify your gas, electricity, water and internet providers that you’re moving so that they don’t continue to charge you. You must also make sure that any outstanding balances are paid well in advance of moving out, so you’re not chasing house mates for their share months later.

6. Redirect your post

We’re sure you’ll be glad to be free from endless takeaway menus and nightclub flyers covering the floor of your hallway, but it's essential to redirect post to your new address for any important letters you may receive. It's also worth notifying those distant relatives that you've moved, otherwise the tenants who move into your house next year may be receiving your birthday and Christmas cards!

7. Check your inventory

When you moved in, your agent/landlord should have asked you to sign (and amend, if needed) an inventory. It’s worth going back and checking through it to make sure every item present when you moved in is still accounted for, and any damages which may have occurred during your tenancy are fixed or at least recorded.

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8. Transportation

Many students leave university with more belongings than when they arrived, and lugging them around on public transport isn't the most practical option. So if you find yourself struggling to transport your stuff home, it’s a good idea to ask if any family or friends can come and help you. Alternatively, you could hire a van or search the Internet for services which can send your things to your new address.

9. If you’re living in the same house next year

If this isn't your last year at university and if you've chosen to stay in the same house, it’s still important to give the house a good tidy and clean and make sure everything is turned off. You don’t want to return in September to a fridge full of gone-off food, unexpected bills, or, worse, an infestation of mice or other vermin. If you’re not too sure about keeping the same house next year, then have a look at our selection of student accommodation in Cathays and Roath.

10. Enjoy your last few days!

Many of you may not be returning to the Welsh capital next September, so amongst the packing and cleaning, make sure you've left plenty of time to make the most of your last few days in Cardiff, and more importantly, your last days as a student!

18 June 2014


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