Welsh universities see surge in successful student applications

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Figures published by the Welsh Government at the end of April have revealed that the number of student applications accepted by Welsh universities in 2013 increased by nearly 6% compared to 2012.

The report showed that in September 2013, 25,511 students were accepted on to either full-time degrees or higher-national diploma courses, this figure represents a 5.7% increase on the 2012 statistics and a 37.7% increase when compared to the figures from 2000. The report also revealed that 52.4% of the 25,511 were female students.

Students from across the world choose Wales

The report followed on to show that successful student applications from non-UK countries increased by 10% when compared to 2012, with non-EU countries representing 60% of these.

From within the UK, the number of English students accepted on to courses in Wales increased by 9.4% to 10,475 with 28% arriving from the south-west and 20% from the south-east. According to the Welsh Government, English students made up 41% of the total accepted student applications to Welsh universities in 2013. The report also showed that the number of accepted applications from Scotland increased to 68 students while accepted applications from Northern Ireland increased to 158.

However, while the number accepted applications to Welsh universities from other UK countries increased, the number of Welsh students accepted to study in Wales has actually decreased by 1% compared to 2012 (49% in 2012 against 48% in 2013).

Best performing universities across Wales

After revealing the total number of accepted student applications, the report provided a closer analysis of Wales’ higher education institutions and found that Cardiff University recorded an 8% increase in accepted student applications (5,565 in 2012 to 6,035 in 2013), while application acceptances at Swansea University increased by 26% (2,845 in 2012 to 3,590 in 2013). Cardiff Metropolitan University also reported a 7.7% increase in student application acceptances (2,895 against 2,670).

Finally, the report looked at the courses studied by successful applicants in Welsh universities and found that Biological Sciences received the highest number of accepted applicants (3,000+), closely followed by Business and Administrative Studies (2,500+) and courses allied to Medicine (2,400+). Non-European Languages and related subjects were found to have the lowest number of accepted applicants with less than 250 in 2013.

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14 May 2014


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