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When it comes to buying a property, or just being happy living in one, an uncluttered home is far more appealing. Emma discovers some simple tips to help keep your house in order. 

Who doesn't love a nice, neat home? While a link between an organised home and a person’s overall happiness is probably best left to psychologists to establish, what’s more certain is that to potential buyers a spick and span home is far more attractive than an untidy one.

"While a good estate agent will be sure to point out a property’s assets, mess - no matter how superficial - is distracting to the person viewing," says Amanda Trinder, Sales Manager of CPS Homes' Roath branch. “They end up dwelling on the pile of old coats they've seen in the hallway, when they should be noticing how light and inviting the area is. We always lend a fresh pair of eyes and offer advice on any areas that may need addressing before viewings take place”.

In our home, despite my best intentions, the lack of time, unruly kids, the other half – and in my case my ‘inner messy child’ – conspire to unravel what I wish was a well-organised home. If this sounds all too familiar you need worry no longer – help is at hand. Here’s our guide to maintaining your own ‘orderly oasis’…

Step 1: Purge

You can do it! This is often the hardest step. ‘To keep or not to keep?’ That’s the question you’ll find yourself pondering as you stare at everything you pick up. If you aren't sure, consider if you've used it in the last year, and whether it’s of sentimental or financial value. If you’re still teetering on the brink and can’t bring yourself to part with it, a compromise may be to pass it down the family and onto younger siblings or cousins, who may be grateful for some quality hand-me-downs. My younger sister and I were forever waiting for Mum to upgrade her kitchen utensils, just so we could benefit from the spoils!

[Tip! Mums and Dads, you don’t have to hold onto every single scribble ever put on paper by your little ones. Instead, photograph them and keep the very best, then throw the rest away. You can be safe in the knowledge that the treasured ones are stored on a USB or CD, which is far easier on the eye!]

Step 2: Find the right-sized storage

As tempting as it is to buy a large container and throw everything in it, you’ll soon forgot what it contains and rooting around inside it will become a chore. Try to buy boxes or shelving that suit the objects, then label, label, label (clearly)! While you may be happy with your new organisational efforts, unless everyone else can crack the code, it’ll soon all end up back in one box again.

Step 3: Make life easier for yourself

If you find you’re always searching for your bag and keys on the way out of the door (usually having spent the last half an hour getting the little ones ready for our latest ‘adventure’, in my case!), why not create space for them in your hallway? Shelving and hooks can accommodate a range of items, while bench storage seating is a great way of hiding the family shoe collection – a one-stop shoe station in the most sensible location by the front door.

Step 4: Feel good about your efforts

I love to complete tasks that have a visual end result, so while the thought of cracking on with it may be a bit off-putting, I know I can sit back at the end of the day and admire my work. Not only will you have a more organised home, you can also sell any unwanted items (online, from the comfort of your tidy home), which is effectively payment for your efforts. Or, to enjoy a warm and fuzzy feeling on the inside, why not pass them onto a local charity shop?

Stay tuned to our blog for more household tips, advice on buying or renting properties and all the latest news from across Cardiff and the national property market. If you’d like to discuss anything from renting a property to furnishing a home our friendly staff are waiting to assist you. Visit us in one of our Cardiff based branches today, or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

11 April 2014


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