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These days, you're unlikely to find an agent that has a ground-breaking or unique way of marketing your home to potential buyers. As well as a traditional window display, the majority of agents will use their own website to showcase it, as well as nationwide portals like RightMove, and their own social media outlets, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Why CPS Homes stand out!

It’s through understanding and appreciating you and your home that a good agent will ensure yours stands out from the pack… and that’s where we come in.

When we’re chatting to prospective vendors, we always make sure we ask the question “what was it that made you fall in love with the place when you decided to buy it?” because we realise that we need to sell your home not just by price and square meters, but also by conveying its personality and distinguishing features.

CPS Homes marketing

After all, selling a property is rarely about just bricks and mortar. It’s as much about selling an attractive lifestyle, sometimes to an aspirational younger generation. The way you live in your home tells the buyer how they can enjoy living there, which will increase its appeal beyond its monetary or on-paper value.

All of this information helps us paint a ‘real-life’ picture for prospective buyers, making your property that little bit more enticing.

Property is a competitive market

Competition is fierce, and never more so than online. If you log onto RightMove, the UK’s biggest property website, you’ll see how much competition there is, and you can see just how many similarly priced (or sized) houses you’re competing with in the Cardiff area.

How often have we heard Kirsty and Phil from ‘Location, Location, Location’ talk about buying with your heart as well as your head? Your property has to appeal to both at first glance.

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09 April 2014


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