Opportunity won't knock twice!

Pale pink front door

The old adage about not getting a second chance to make a good first impression is never truer than when selling your home, says Becky Jones, a Property Advisor at CPS Homes

It's been said that a prospective buyer will make a decision on a property within the first 30 seconds of a viewing. More worrying still, the clock starts ticking when they are on the pavement outside.

Driveways, front gardens, porches and hallways - these are the first things a visitor sees. And yet, because we tend to spend little time in these areas when at home, it may result in them looking a little unloved. So how can you make your home sing during its half-minute audition?

Weed out the unnecessary.

Whether that means literally picking up a gardening fork or moving the bins out of sight, ensure that the lead up to your front door is rubbish-free and uncluttered – you don’t want viewers to feel like they’re navigating an obstacle course.

Hot pink front door

Everything in working order.

If that creaky gate won’t quite close and the doorbell doesn’t work, anyone viewing will start wondering, ‘What else isn’t up to scratch?’ A seamless entry to your home will give them no cause for concern, so dig out the WD-40, oil the squeaky gate hinges, and change the doorbell batteries.

Stand out from the crowd.

If you live in a terraced or semi-detached house, a potential buyer can instantly compare your home to identical properties up and down the street, so ensure yours stands out for the right reasons. Command their attention with an eye-catching front door. Everyone expects red, white or blue, so why not try something different?

For a sophisticated note, we suggest ‘Night Fever’ or ‘City Break’ from Crown (£34.99 for 5 litres)

Pale green front door

A pastel lends an air of country elegance, and we love Crown’s ‘Hollywood’ pale blue and the pale pink ‘Fairy Dust’ (price as above)

Or, if you prefer to be more daring, why not take a leaf out of this local’s book and try a hot pink? “My two young daughters were desperate for something pink in the house,” Liz revealed to us, “Plus, I wanted something bright that would cheer me up every time I came home.” It’ll certainly make your home memorable to any viewer.

For a touch of class, accessorise your freshly-painted door with some vintage ironmongery. For reclaimed gems, check out our local favourite – the Pumping Station on Penarth Road.

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28 March 2014


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