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When it comes to selling your home, it pays to know what to expect of a great estate agent – and the ways you can help them make your property stand out from the crowd. 

These days, you’re unlikely to find any agent that uses just one medium to advertise a property. In addition to a traditional window display in a local branch, the majority of agents will also use their own website to showcase it, as well as using a nationwide portal like RightMove, and their own social media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter.

For the most part, it’s not how agents show off properties that is likely to set them apart. Where a good agent will stand out from the pack is in how well they come to understand and appreciate you and your home.

Make your property stand out

Each property has something that makes it unique. When it comes to selling your home, it’s worth asking yourself what it was that made you fall in love with the place when you decided to buy it. Was it the feature fireplace, garden oasis, or its inviting, relaxing ambience? Perhaps try to think of the compliments that friends pay your home when they come round. These things are what a prospective buyer may love too, and it’s advantageous if an agent can draw a viewer’s attention to them.

It’s little things like this that could make your property stand out amongst others on the same street – or webpage. After all, competition is fierce, and never more so than on the internet. For a reminder, simply log onto RightMove, the UK’s number one property website. Here the competition to snag a buyer hots up, and you can see just how many similarly priced (or sized) houses you’re competing with in the Cardiff area.

For a successful listing, your agent needs to sell your home not just by price and square meters, but by conveying its personality and distinguishing features. How often have we heard Kirsty and Phil from Location, Location, Location talk about buying with your heart as well as your head? Your property has to appeal to both at first glance.

Sell the dream, sell your house

Selling a property is rarely only about bricks and mortar (or location, location, location). It’s as much about selling an attractive lifestyle, sometimes to an aspirational younger generation. Think of the success of well-known household brands like Apple, John Lewis and Nike – they all sell products that allow consumers to buy into a lifestyle. It’s worth remembering that the biggest purchase that will dictate a person’s lifestyle is that of a house; people don’t simply want to move, they aspire for more in life, or a better life.

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The way you lived in your home tells the buyer how they can enjoy living there, which will increase its appeal beyond its monetary or on-paper value. If you chose to live next to the park and local shops so that you could enjoy walking the dog and buying a paper on Sunday morning, or you liked the local nursery school for your then pre-schooler, this information can help your agent paint a ‘real-life’ picture for prospective buyers, making your property that little bit more enticing.

A good estate agent will ensure their staff strike up and maintain close relationships with their vendors. They will know whether you prefer day or evening appointments, and understand if you need a day’s notice to clear up toddler toys, or prefer appointments after your child’s morning nap.

Likewise, if you work nine-to-five, a call mid-working day about yesterday’s viewing really won’t be convenient, so options for emailed feedback or post-5pm calls should be open to you. A good agent will leave their clients in no uncertainty as to the value of their face-to-face services, local knowledge and individual passion for their home.

Are you looking to sell your property and require some help or guidance? If so contact the team at CPS Homes today, we take pride in helping our sellers find the right buyers and we’ll help you through each stage of the selling process.

21 March 2014


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