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Amanda and her sales team from CPS Homes take a look at the topic of mortgages and answer some of the questions they’re most frequently asked by first-time buyers


The key to getting the best deal on your mortgage is being armed with as much information as possible. But remember, ‘the best deal’ doesn't necessarily mean the cheapest.

With a mortgage secured, vendors and their agents will consider you as a committed buyer and not somebody putting in an offer purely to test the water. Being viewed as a serious purchaser is a good thing if you want to be at the front of the pack in a competitive market.

It’s important to bear in mind all of the costs that come with moving house, such as valuation and survey costs, planning searches, legal costs, stamp duty and removal hire – as well as all your usual payments and bills! Although it’ll probably be your single biggest cost, your mortgage needs to be considered as part of the bigger picture. Be sure to take other payments into account before deciding how much you can afford as a deposit.


Yes, it has. The three-year scheme allows buyers to purchase any property worth up to £600,000, put down a 5 per cent deposit and have the taxpayer underwrite a further 15 per cent.

Whilst your bank or building society is a good place to start, don’t presume they’ll be the most competitive on the market. We always advise speaking to an independent mortgage broker, but make sure they aren't limited to a particular range of products and that they’re registered to the Financial Services Authority (FSA) before you commit to an appointment. A broker has the advantage of access to exclusive deals and, if they fully understand your requirements, can match products beyond that of cost. Not only that, but they’ll often speed up applications by doing a lot of the paperwork for you.

For more advice on buying or selling your home, or even if you’re taking your first step onto the property ladder and need some guidance with it, please pop in and see Amanda and her sales team at 66 Albany Rd, Roath. Alternatively, feel free to contact us on 02920 454555 or e-mail

10 January 2014


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