My Freshers' Week

With Freshers' week just around the corner, and many students both excited and apprehensive about the experience, we at CPS Homes took some time out of our busy schedule as a lettings agent to speak with some second and third year students about their experience of Freshers' week in Cardiff.


Sam Lloyd

What I remember most vividly about my Freshers’ week is meeting a huge number of cool people in a really short period of time. Everyone’s lovely and happy during Freshers’, and I found myself running into people from all over the country and beyond, shouting “HELLO I AM SAM”, and they’d shout “HELLO SAM”, and everything would be swell. I actually also met my girlfriend the first time I went out to the union, so I’ll always have a sweet spot for Freshers’ week…and the accompanying vodka-red-bull...


Alice Hart

Nothing could've prepared me for the craziness that ‘Craydiff’ brought me. Freshers week is a memory of brilliant blurs to me - an endless party, interrupted occasionally by introductory lectures, and phone calls from concerned parents. There is of course much I can’t remember, thanks to my ungraceful introduction to my good pal rosé wine, but students can expect to encounter a world of banter boards, ‘Ring of Fire’ drinking games, and downing shots hand-less to the chants of “down it, fresher!”


Ashley Bebbington

I arrived at my university accommodation for the first time with a strange mixture of excitement and sheer terror, and found myself in a flat with 9 other guys that I’d never met before. That night, we got drunk, oh so very drunk. The week that ensued consisted of utter chaos; the majority of which I must admit I can’t remember! Dirty pints were downed, friends were made, and one of my flatmates managed to land himself in a jail cell for the night. All in all it was a brilliant week, and I've never experienced anything quite like it since.


Sally Cross

Leaving my home, which in comparison to Cardiff, is a small place was a daunting prospect. My first night out however, took away all the fear I had built up! I was lucky enough to be housed with people I immediately clicked with, making the adjustment so much easier. We went to an event put on by the SU – all halls had a particular colour associated with them making it easier to make friends with people who lived close by but also knowing your rivals at the time! Every night after that was different and felt dedicated to establishing the freshers’ presence in the university. Even the events during the day; what to expect and things to look out for all made the experience less terrifying and set me up for the best three years of my life!

We at CPS Homes wish every fresher the best possible introduction to university lifestyle. Whether you are attending Cardiff University, Cardiff Met or the University of South Wales, university really is one the best times of your life. Once you've settled in and made friends, you may be thinking of next year so why not check our the range of properties we have to rent? You can also contact us if you need any assistance. Also, we'd love to see your favourite pictures from Freshers' week, so send them to us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

13 September 2013


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