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Cardiff's student recycling scheme continues to deliver excellent results

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It’s a topic that Cardiff Council have been focusing on for a number of years now. The issue of recycling in Cardiff has been ever present for both Cardiff property owners/landlords and students/tenants that are renting throughout Cardiff.

Thankfully, the Council’s message seems to have been well received, especially with students. The Get It Out For Cardiff (GIOFC) recycling scheme, which is aimed at students has announced that 2013 was their best year yet. They said that the number of students recycling their waste has increased by 14% while complaints about waste and litter in Roath and Plasnewydd have reduced by 28% during term dates.

It was also revealed that the total additional waste collections during the most recent GIOFC period was down by 32%. In other related news, Cardiff Council has only given out 22 fines for people failing to adhere to the recycling schemes. It would appear that the threat of a fine has caused many people to clean up their waste removal habits.

Updating the GIOFC recycling concept

The success of the GIOFC is down to a number of factors, but the main factor being praised is the introduction of new key changes within the scheme.

Cllr Ashley Govier, Cabinet Member for Environment spoke about these changes:

“We removed the additional weekend collections at the end of term and, with our newly-installed specialist Roath and Plasnewydd education and enforcement team, promoted best use of available services such as the weekly kerbside recycling, fortnightly general waste collections and our household waste and recycling centre at Wedal Road.

What is more, all the food collected is re-distributed by Fareshare Cymru to relieve food poverty in our communities and the results speak for themselves”.

Here at CPS Homes we fully support the Council’s vision and would encourage all our students living in student accommodation to recycle their waste. If you need any more information about what can be recycled, when it’s collected and other recycling services, check out the Recycling and Waste section on the Council’s website.

28 August 2013


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