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Summer Offer - the 999er

The 999er

Summer is here! And what better way to launch our new residential sales service than with a tempting 999'er?

Ours may not come with the obligatory chocolate flake, but it does come with a big scoop of 13 years property experience in the Cardiff area.

Wherever your home is in Cardiff, we're offering a sales fee of £999 + VAT to any customer who instructs us during the offer period. That’s any home, any location, any price!

Whether you're looking to sell a family home, a professional apartment or just upgrade that first time home, we can help.

From advertising your home on Rightmove and tweeting about it, to showcasing your property on our website which receives over 16,500 visits each month, your property is guaranteed excellent web exposure. Make a valuation request today!

We offer 'open evenings' for cluster viewings and qualify all prospective buyers, ensuring only those in a financial position to proceed will be shown around your home at a time convenient to you.

Our eye-catching brochures and photos are already popular amongst our new customers:-

The 999er

Working or family life is rarely nine-to-five, so we offer our customers a seamless, hassle-free journey from listing to sale.

Read more about Mum of two, Kimberly's experience of selling her family home through CPS Homes

05 July 2013


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