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As one of Cardiff’s biggest lettings agencies we get a lot of queries regarding tenant or landlord responsibilities. Some tenants aren't always aware of their landlord’s obligations and what they themselves should do if something goes wrong. However, even landlords can fail to understand all of their responsibilities and sometimes require a little assistance.

That is why we at CPS Homes have created a new video which helps clear up the blurry line between what a landlord is required to do and what falls on a tenant. Hopefully this video will be able to help everyone involved in the letting arrangement.

Our new video shows that landlords are responsible for the overall maintenance of the property and keeping their tenants safe. This includes making sure the gas, electricity and fire safety certificates are up to date and that the main appliances are working. Landlords are also responsible for providing tenants with running hot water and working heating.

However, tenants shouldn't expect landlords to do everything. Some basic things can be easily fixed by tenants without help from landlords. If the electricity goes off and it’s just a fuse problem you don’t want to wait for someone to come check the fuse box when you can so easily and quickly fix the problem. Tenants are accountable for all the little household tasks that they would normally undertake if they lived in their own property. These range from changing a light bulb, fixing blocked drains and toilets to making sure the pipes don’t freeze during the winter period (by leaving the heaters on low setting/anti-freeze mode all the time even when you go away for Christmas for instance). Tenants are perfectly competent to empty vacuum cleaner bags or clean the filter of the washing machine. To know who is responsible for what, you can check The Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

Our latest video was produced by Vibhuti Thaker - who created our previous video about renting a property (remember our blog on the Guide to renting on video?). We were so happy with Vibhuti’s previous work that turning to her to create our latest video was an easy decision. Her amazing range of talents blended with her creative spirit has really come across in the new video and we love her new creation.

You can watch and share our new video on landlord and tenant responsibilities here. If you like the video we’d love to hear your thoughts, so let us know via the comment section below or on our Facebook, Twitter or Google + page

26 June 2013


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