Cardiff Council plans to rebuild momentum in City Centre

Cardiff Council today revealed its new “masterplan” to expand the city centre and connect it more closely to Cardiff Bay.

The Council is trying to find ways to improve life in Cardiff while creating jobs and housing. That’s the aim of the “Rebuilding Momentum” report released today 8th March by the Council. Councillor Russell Goodway said in his foreword that there is a need to “reinvigorate the City’s ambition” to create jobs and opportunities. The last major changes to the centre date back to 2007-2009, with the building of the new St David’s Shopping Centre and the Library. The High Street and St Mary’s Street also became pedestrian areas at that time.

Filling the gap between Cardiff Centre and Cardiff Bay: the Atlantic Quarter

The project plans to create office space, housing, an indoor arena, a convention centre and a transport hub. But one of the big themes from the Green Paper is using and improving the gap between Cardiff City Centre and Cardiff Bay. 6,000 new houses could be built in the Dumballs Road area, and Lloyd George Avenue could be expanded to become two-sided – which brings the question of the future of Bute Street and of the train rail linking the Bay to the centre. Furthermore, Atlantic Wharf could be expanded to welcome more housing. The aim is to create a high-density living area.

The new district between the Bay and the Centre could be called the Atlantic Quarter and may also welcome some office space, as part of an increase of office space proposed for the areas North and South of Cardiff Central, around Callaghan Square, the Capital Quarter, Roath Basin and finally around Cardiff Waterside.

Entertainment facilities

Apart from the development of housing and office space, the draft also suggests the creation of a convention centre and of an indoor arena for 11,000 people. Different places are proposed for these entertainment facilities, such as the County Hall, Callaghan Square, Brains Brewery, the Red Dragon Centre and “land” at the rear of St David’s Shopping Centre.

Better living with public squares and a transport hub

Callaghan Square is once again targeted by the master plan, as it is advised that it should undergo reconfiguration. Furthermore, public squares could be created North and South of Cardiff Central, and the pedestrian area of St Mary’s Street could be extended South.

Larger pedestrian areas could improve Cardiff Centre and make it more family-friendly, and so could an efficient hub for both buses and trains, part of a “Cardiff Metro”. Moreover, the report plans to set up a Light Rapid Transit (LRT) system to link the centre and Cardiff Bay, with probably a connection to Queen Street and an expansion North.

Rebuilding Momentum: have your say

The Council’s latest plan lacks details such as the cost of this gigantic project and dates of completion. You can read the Green Paper and its Appendices here and help shape Cardiff’s future by giving your views on it. The consultation is open for 6 weeks, until 19th April, so don’t wait and have your say now!

Projects for Cardiff development

Cardiff Council has been busy making plans to reorganise the city and trying to make it more vibrant and lively, not to mention attracting more and more people to the capital. Back in November, the Council announced Cardiff’s Local Development Plan, as we reported at the time.

Cardiff Central and Queen Street stations are being refurbished and improved so as to enhance transportation facilities (which could do with some improvement, to be honest!). A Crossrail project is also being discussed in order to make commuting easier and swifter.

08 March 2013


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