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CPS Guide to renting

It's always challenging to remain up-to-date and creative. We are a young, pro-active lettings agency and we want to share our vision with you. We underwent rebranding, created a new website and refurbished our main office to reflect our ideas, making it modern and attractive, a home away from home.

We have also created area guides  to help landlords  and  tenants  find the right place to live in, in the right area. All we needed was a nice, attractive guide to help you choose the right home!

Nikki from CPS recounts: “We thought we’d do something a little bit out of the ordinary and make a video on all the things to consider when looking for a property to rent. It’s been done in text format before – we’ve done it ourselves with our  six-step guide - but watching instead of reading is always more entertaining...especially with the funky soundtrack in the background!”

“I think first-year students  will find it particularly useful. They move into Halls in September and start looking for private accommodation  for their second year within a few months, but a lot don’t know where to start. We carried out an online survey recently and a response that kept cropping up was “be sure to guide first-year students through the renting process – they’ve never done it before”. Hopefully this video will go some way to helping them.”

To carry out our project we asked a talented Graphic designer for help. Here is a look into the making of the video by creator Vibhuti Thaker: "It was great fun making the  Guide to letting  Video for CPS Homes  as I had to think of creative ways in which to animate essential information about choosing the right home to rent."  

"The design and feel of the video needed to be quirky, colourful and to-the-point so that it is appealing to students as well as highly informative. So, the choice of colours, soundtrack, artwork and motion played a large part in getting the right message across and keeping their attention."

"Animating all the icons, especially the weighing scales was a great challenge, as it was important to get the movement and fluidity right; but once it all fell into place, the end result was worthwhile!"

Watch the  Guide to Renting on video  and tell us what you think of it by posting a comment below or on  our Facebook page

25 February 2013


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