New Look Brand, New Look Website

To tie-in with our new-look brand, we recently ‘re-glazed’ our biggest window to the world - our website. With over one million page views in 2012, it was important that we brought the website along with us on our journey.

The new brand colours are cleaner, more attractive and appealing to the eye...well, in our opinion at least! And one of our 'facelift' aims is to steer well away from the typical industrial image associated with letting agents and become more neutrally appealing. The way we communicate is imperative to the re-brand; we want to speak to our customers in the way they should be spoken to, and that's on a level that's friendly, calm and understanding.

As the years go by, more and more business is being conducted online. Since changing the look of the website in November 2012, we’ve noticed that users are spending more time browsing the pages before leaving. In all, visits for the November and December period were up by 5.46% compared to the same period last year. 

We've embraced the change in the way consumers do business and have adapted the way we work as a result, but we’ve also done it because we have a strong desire to improve the way our industry operates. Since the boom of smartphones three or four years ago, more and more people are demanding information whilst on-the-go. We launched the mobile-friendly version of our website in 2009 and in that time we’ve seen a massive upsurge in the number of users logging on from their handsets. 2012 alone saw double the number of users in comparison to 2011.

We've had a sit down and thought up a variety of nifty little features that you, our customers, would find useful when interacting with us on our website. The additions will be of benefit to both prospective and existing landlords of ours, as well as current and potentially new tenants. So at some point during 2013 CPS Homes lettings agent will be launching a brand new filled with new technology and features to make your experience with us that much better! We do business differently to give you the edge.

22 January 2013


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