A new era, a new vision and an improved ethos

A bit of history

When we started out as two enthusiastic students operating from a small, rundown office in the heart of Cathays, our vision was simple: to create a student-friendly letting agency that vastly improved the housing service students received. Back then there were a lot fewer letting agents popping up here and there and promising this and that, so the market was a very different place.

Through the good times (and the bad times!), CPS Homes has proudly achieved its goal. Every year we house literally thousands and thousands of tenants - and not just students - but families and professionals alike. After all, we can't be students forever. With our goal achieved, we felt it was time to reflect on the past decade of business and ask ourselves the following questions; what have we achieved? What haven't we achieved? And what does our brand actually say to people?

What makes us special

It's very easy for a new letting agent to open up. The truth is, anybody can 'open' one. Just take a look around the streets - the evidence is in the variety of 'To Let' and 'For Sale' boards out there. Many of our competitors have painted over their company's foundations with promotions such as free sweets, beer and student friendly Facebook posts. And whilst this will bring in a limited number of new customers, are they truly successful letting agents? We believe the real test of a quality letting agent is in its customer service, its accreditations and returning, happy customers. If a current tenant chooses to rent another property with us, we must be doing something right. And if a landlord is happy for us to find tenants year after year, we like to think we've made a positive impression.

The key to our success? Listening to our customers: our landlords and our tenants. We asked our tenants what they wanted and we acted on it. They wanted to suggest improvements to a house before choosing to take it, so we made it happen. They've also requested to have a check-in inspection at the start of the tenancy and an accompanied check-out appointment at the end, so hey presto - they now come as part of our package. Landlords have always wanted to view their monthly rental statements online, which they're now able to do via their own individual login.

New Year, New CPS

What we've done is learn from the odd mistake along the away and capitalise on what we're good at - housing people in the right home. Strip away all the promotions and the giveaways and, in our opinion, that's what you should be left with. So, step forward the new re-branded CPS Homes.

Our new brand is about coming of age. It's a new era, a new vision and improved ethos. We've learnt over time that, whatever the competition, it's what we can promise our customers that's actually at the heart of it all - hence the new logo. With a new and improved vision, we felt a re-brand was important to show the change in ethos and demonstrate the way in which we want to do business. We want a welcoming environment, a modern theme and a neutral, attractive company identification.

We hope you like the new 'us'!

19 December 2012


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