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A student property can be a burglar’s heaven, if only due to the multiple numbers of electronic equipment it’s likely to hold, so it remains as important as ever to keep your home – and ultimately yourself – as safe as possible.

We have provided a few recommendations on how you can do this below;

• Disguise the fact your home is a student property. Keep windows free of posters and make sure you lock your doors and windows. A third of all burglars get in through a window. The vast majority of student burglaries are by opportunists who simply check to see if your door is open. They quickly run in and out - 30 seconds is all it take.

• Don’t leave your keys under a mat or dangling inside the letterbox – burglars are familiar with this.

• Be mindful of people requesting entry to your house. Some ‘distraction burglars’ claim to offer a service, such as television or internet, under false pretences to steal your valuables. Check their ID and don’t be afraid to say you want to call the relevant agency to check they have sent the person calling.

• Be aware of door-to-door sales. Some companies knock soon after you’ve moved in with various offers and can be quite pushy. Use your common sense and don’t hand over any bank or personal details. Ask to read over the information and insist on time to consult your other housemates.

• Front/Rear doors. Many doors (especially UPVC doors) need to be locked with a key when you leave your home. They do not automatically lock when pulled shut. Burglars and opportunists check such doors. Even if you are at home make it a habit to lock the door.

Further information on all aspects of ‘student living’ can be found on the Cardiff County Council-approved website -

17 August 2012


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