Why should I invest in student property?

With over half a million students applying for UK university courses beginning at the end of the summer, the student lettings market is still thriving. However, entering this market may be daunting for first-time landlords or those only used to letting homes to professionals.

Letting to students is seen as attractive in many ways. Term lengths allow for void periods to be kept to a minimum and therefore a maximisation of rental income, along with the wealth of interested tenants that a university town or city offers.

Why Invest?

The reasons for investment are vast and very convincing indeed;

Long-term return - The return on investment on residential property over the last 100 years has been better than any other asset class, including commercial property, equity or bonds.

More is better - Holding a portfolio of residential property spreads the risk carried by each individual property seeing as each asset is relatively small in comparison to the whole portfolio.

Relatively secure - Even in times of financial difficulty, people will make sacrifices in other areas to ensure that they can pay the rent.

High Demand - The population is growing at a fast rate, whereas house building is at its lowest since the 1920’s, meaning supply and demand is very positive.

Secure for the future - Good quality residential properties will last indefinitely if they’re well maintained.

CPS Homes are specialists in the investment sector within Cardiff, give us a call using the details at the top of the screen, for some free advice if you are considering entering the property market!

12 June 2012


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