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Long-distance landlords 'increasing in numbers'

According to new research from the Association of Residential Lettings Agents (ARLA), such long-distance proprietors are beginning to dominate parts of the private rented sector.

Parts of the private rented sector are taken up by long-distance landlords.

Landlords who live a considerable distance from the properties they are renting out appear to be growing in number across the UK.

It was shown that there are almost double the amount of properties of this nature located in London compared to the amount of landlords who live in the capital, while this trend is also prevalent in Scotland.

Ian Potter, operations manager at ARLA - formed in 1981 - said: "It is a common phenomenon for landlords to let properties in different parts of the country and it is likely that trend will grow."

The industry figure explained this movement is being spurred by owners deciding to let out a dwelling rather than put it up for sale, while it has become increasingly known for parents to buy accommodation for their children heading to university and keeping hold of the property once their son or daughter graduates.

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Article has been extracted from houseladder.co.uk

15 March 2012


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