The Deposit Protection Service (DPS) - A Year In Review

Undoubtedly the hottest topic on the property pages has been the rapid rise of the private rented sector. Monthly rental values soared and tenant population increased as the housing market struggled.

Activity at The DPS over the last year has also increased in line with this report. Since April 2011, monthly registrations and deposit submissions have been higher than last year. Here are some of the highlights:

› Nearly 1 million deposits repaid since scheme launch in 2007

› 825,000 deposits worth £644 million currently protected on behalf of 166 organisations, 280,000 landlords and letting agents.

› 191,000 enquiries through Emma, the online virtual agent

› 69,000 text message reminders sent

› 50,000 deposit submissions in September – always a peak month but this was 4,000 more than 2010.

› 6,000 new landlords in August – 500 more than in 2010

› 600 adjudications completed in November – twice as many as last year but you’d expect this rise as the scheme matures

› 450 new letting agents in October

’The DPS has the infrastructure and capability to easily deal with any rise in registrations, submissions, repayments and adjudications. With a new look website launched late last year and several new features that make deposit protection even easier for those landlords and tenants who are new to deposit protection, we’re more than ready to cope with further increases expected in 2012.’

A landlord’s work is never done…

Landlords and letting agents never rest, particularly when there is so much demand on rental property and it seems several didn’t even take a break over Christmas and New Year.

› We registered 5 new landlords on Christmas Day and a further 59 on New Year’s Eve.

› 15 deposits were submitted on Christmas Day and another 187 on New Year’s Eve

› The latest deposit submitted on Christmas Day was at 23:09. On New Year’s eve, the last deposit was registered just in time for fireworks and champagne at 23:41!

CPS Homes Cardiff Lettings Agents use the DPS and other bond schemes for more information call 02920 454555.

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13 February 2012

The information contained within this article was correct at the date of publishing and is not guaranteed to remain correct in the present day.


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