Cardiff Snakecharmers Grab That Grand!

In the lead-up to the busy student lettings season, which typically starts just before Christmas but is getting earlier every year (!), we ran a ‘Grab a Grand’ competition that gave every University society and sports club the chance to win £1,000.

Promoted via flyering at the Students’ Union and backed by Cardiff University’s Societies Officer, Harry Newman, who took it upon himself to spread the word to all 221 Society Presidents and their members, the competition was a huge success and saw over 5,000 votes registered.

Administered through our Facebook page, the winners were the society/club with the most votes at the end of the October, who turned out to be Cardiff University’s Cheerleading Team - The Cardiff Snakecharmers.

As well as the ‘Grab a Grand’ competition, we’ve also been giving away freebies such as Winter Wonderland admissions and Cardiff Blues tickets via our Facebook page in recent months, which have gone down extremely well.

With over 2,200 fans of our page and the ability to search for properties to let on there, we’ve got an extremely strong presence on the popular social networking site!<br>

“As we’re competing at three separate competitions this year, this money is well received and half of it will be used to subsidise competition fees. We didn’t hesitate to put our 72 girl squad to use and made sure we asked family, friends and fellow cheerleaders from teams around the country to vote for us. The remainder of the funds will be used towards new shorts sporting the CPS Homes logo.” Philippa Ako, Snakecharmers’ Media and Fundraising Rep

03 January 2012


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