Changes to Waste Disposal

From the 12th September 2011, Cardiff County Council is introducing new refuse collection cycles throughout the city.

Green bag recycling and food waste will continue to be collected weekly, whilst general waste, i.e. black bags, will only be collected fortnightly.

We envisage this having a bearing on all households, particularly the larger student properties in Cathays and Roath area whose refuse will be greater in any case. Following this news there is a concern that black bags will begin to litter gardens/pavements, encouraging vermin should the waste not be properly managed by tenants.

Many of you will already have wheelie bins in existence at your rental properties for this purpose, but we would like to encourage any landlord who hasn't currently provided refuse storage to look to do so shortly.

Owners of properties which fall within the HMO licence criteria will be aware that you are already bound by your HMO licence to provide such storage at your property.

Please find Cardiff County Council’s minimum requirements below;

No of bedrooms/Residents

Residual Waste (litres)

Compost (litres)

1 - 4

1 x 240


5 - 6

1 x 240, 1 x 140


7 - 8

2 x 240



2 x 240, 1 x 140



3 x 240



NB - Residual Waste is household waste that is not able to be recycled, re-used or composted.

01 November 2011


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