CPS Homes mobile website usage increases dramatically

A little over a year ago here at CPSHomes we released our mobile version of our Cardiff estate agent website in preparation for the growing mobile market.

In the last 12 months CPSHomes has seen mobile usage increase by an astounding rate with users looking for Cardiff property rentals, although unsurprisingly this mobile usage coincides with the huge influx of iphones and unlimited mobile data plans.

Comparing our website analytics to the same period of time the year before we see that mobile usage of the site has gone from 236 users to 4066, a massive 1,623% increase in mobile usage!

The mobile site was developed not only to be mobile friendly but also provide a thorough search functionality of our available properties and give relevant information on each property whilst minimizing the bandwidth required to access the site. The mobile site also features a local proximity search, allowing users to search for properties near them based on their current location. The site also made use of relevant mobile standards in mobile web technology to provide fast access to phone numbers for easy dialing.

At CPS we like to stay up to date with current trends and offer our users the best letting agent experience available and this includes the service provided on our website. You may remember CPSHomes was the first Cardiff estate agent to implement Google streetview which allows users to look at the exterior of a property and location from the Google maps and photos provided online, giving a virtual walkthrough of the local streets where available.

Stay posted for more updates in the future as CPSHomes strive to maintain great customer service and usability with our online advancements. If you haven't seen it, give it a go cpshomes.co.uk/mobile!

25 July 2011


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