Rental Homes With Poor Energy Efficiency

The Energy Savings Trust has been lobbying for homes with poorly rated energy efficiency to be banned from the rental market...and it seems they have had their way. The Government has announced that such homes will be prohibited from being rented in the next 5 years. Reactions have been mixed, with one landlord body saying the decision could blight rental properties.

Under the proposals announced at the second reading of the Energy Bill;

From April 2016, landlords will not be able to refuse ‘reasonable’ requests from tenants, or local authorities acting on behalf of tenants, to improve their property.

From April 2018, the Government will make it unlawful to rent out a house or business premise which has less than an ‘E’ energy efficiency rating. The Government says this will ensure that at least 682,000 properties will have to be improved.

Ian Potter, Operations Manager of ARLA, which CPS Homes is a member of, also expressed reservations. He said: “The Government’s decision to allow F and G rated properties to remain on the market until 2018 is a practical one, given that around 17% of properties in the private rented sector fall into this category.

This equates to around 500,000 properties. We believe that the Bill in its current form risks disincentivising the lettings market and discouraging landlords from investing in the private rented.” If you aren’t sure how your property portfolio fares in the energy stakes, please contact us at for your rating and any improvement recommendations or use our Cardiff letting agents contact page.

14 June 2011


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