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Additional HMO Licensing Update

Cathays/Cardiff HMO Additional Licensing

There are a number of recent clarifications that can be made on the additional licensing introduced in the Cathays Community Ward in Cardiff.

As a reminder, every HMO within Cathays will be subject to additional or mandatory licensing.


A few points worth noting in the fee structure released by Cardiff County Council:

- Properties subject to mandatory licensing are still subject to a £700 fee with no discounts for landlord which have attended the accreditation course run by Landlord Accreditation Wales (LAW)

- A non-material amendment is free of charge – usually where there is a change of the number of occupants

- If the property goes from additional to mandatory licensing then currently there is no charge, however this could be reviewed at the end of the financial year.  It is worth noting that there are extra security and energy efficiency requirements for properties subject to additional licensing

Standards in HMO’s

There have been a number of clarifications to what will be required in properties subject to additional licensing.  This information is based on Cardiff County Council’s information for Cathays, Cardiff but may be indicative of future decisions for other councils.


- Ground floor window locks.

- Eurocyclinder mortice lock (or similar) to the front door with thumb turn

- ‘Slam shut’ facility to the front door.

- An internal letter box cowl if the letter box is within 400 mm of the thumb turn to the lock.

- Mortice lock to the rear door.

- Laminated glass to the front & rear doors & ground floor windows.

Energy Efficiency

- At least 75 mm lagging to the hot water tank (if present).

 - 250-270 mm loft insulation.

- Draught proofing where necessary

There are in theory other items that could be required such as garden security and locked sheds but the above is a list of what we are seeing requested on all of our properties.

We’re happy to provide further advice if required as this is a generic guide intended to supplement previous guidance.  For further details please ring John at CPS Homes on 02920 443811.


05 November 2010


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