And, ACTION! BBC call upon CPS Homes

CPS Homes have been called into action by the British Broadcasting Corporation, more commonly known as the BBC , to find a number of properties in the Cardiff area for an upcoming project.

We have been asked to produce a quote for a total of thirteen flats to rent in Cardiff, for between April and November 2010, by an agency representing BBC Television. Speculation is rife that these lettings would coincide with the filming of the new “Torchwood” series, or perhaps even the “Doctor Who” 2010 Christmas Special.

Further speculation has linked the lettings to the move of BBC1 medical institution “Casualty”; however this is not believed to be relocating from Bristol to Cardiff until 2011.

Despite all the rumours, one thing is for sure; the BBC are looking to invest in Cardiff, with the building of a brand new drama centre in the Welsh capital. And who can blame them? With “Doctor Who”, “Torchwood” and “The Sarah Jane Adventures” all being filmed in the South Wales area, and the future move of “Casualty”, Cardiff is definitely the location of choice for BBC Television.

Watch this space for further news!


17 March 2010


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