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Additional HMO licensing set for Cathays

Cardiff County Council are proposing that additional HMO licensing is implemented throughout Cathays. Currently the Houses of Multiple Occupancy (HMO) mandatory licensing only covers properties with five or more tenants, and three or more stories, but with the current proposal this would extend to all properties with three of more occupants, that do not make up a single household.

This proposal is currently in the consultation period, but if implemented would result in the additional licensing coming into effect around July 2010. The consultation documents suggest that the licensing fee would be set between £500 and £600 per property.

What this effectively results in, is that nearly every landlord with a house in Cathays that is rented out to a group of people sharing, will need to apply to Cardiff County Council for a HMO license, along with the licensing fee. With an HMO license there are certain standards that the property needs to meet, and certain conditions that the manager of the property needs to adhere to. CPS Homes have extensive experience in legislation surrounding compliance and are able to offer advice on a case by case basis if required.

In the consultation period, Cardiff County Council are inviting opinions, and have an easy to fill in questionnaire, which can be found here

24 November 2009


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