Get a month's rent free on Meridian Gate properties | CPS Homes

Whole months rent free on selected Meridian Gate properties!

All apartments with the months free rent have now been let!! We still have other City Centre apartments, both in Meridian Gate and other City Centre developments

CPS Homes are offering a free months rent on selected Meridian Gate properties.

Meridian Gate is located in the heart of the City Centre, opposite the new St David's 2 centre.

These new build apartments, which the free months rent offer applies to range from £595 for £640, and are all one bedroom apartments, although CPS Homes do have other apartments in Meridian Gate and the surrounding area.

To see a sample of apartments in Meridian Gate use our property search, and select City Centre, although please note because of the large number of apartments we have in Meridian Gate they will not all be shown on our website.

The standard and style of the Meridian Gate properties can be seen here

Terms and conditions do apply, which our Cardiff Bay office will be able to explain.

10 June 2009


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