CPS Homes now integrates Google Street View!

CPS Homes are excited to announce that the highly proclaimed Google Street View is integrated into their website for all of their lettings and sales properties. All prospective tenants have already been able to view information on the area, such as travel and transport, amenities and a general description of the area.

Every property already had a map, which has allowed tenants to accurately look to see where the property is located, to ensure that the property is suitable for them, as well as being able to switch to satellite view.

CPS Homes now allow users to view, from street level the property that is being advertised.  This allows users to ‘walk’ along the street, with a 360 degree view, enabling them to see what the surrounding area is like.  Whilst satellite imagery is interesting to view, it doesn’t show the same level of detail that a real person would see from street level.

What this equates to is that prospective buyers and tenants can make a more informed decision when choosing to view a property, especially if they have to make special arrangements in terms of travel or work.

CPS Homes do not believe that any other Cardiff Estate or Letting Agent offers this integration into their website, and CPS Homes are excited to be at the forefront of using innovative technology.

CPS Homes Integrates Google Street View


13 May 2009


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