HMO Licensing Fees to Increase

Cardiff HMO licence fees are due to rise from £410 to £700 from the 1st April 2009 in order to cover the cost of tracking down landlords who have no come forward to declare that their property is a licensable HMO.

CPS Homes have released various news articles on our website and via our landlord newsletter keeping landlords up to date with the requirements of Cardiff County Council with regards to the licensing of HMO properties.

An HMO licence will be required where there are five or more occupiers in a property with three or more stories, unless they are family members.  CPS Homes can give you experienced advice on if you will need an HMO licence on your property; please ring our head office on 029 20 45 45 55.

Cardiff has already seen its first rent repayment order where tenants have reclaimed £8000 in rent paid, and councils can impose fines up to £20, 000 for non compliance.

Cardiff County Council has already declared they are now getting tough with landlords that flout the rules, and are aiming for a high number of high profile prosecutions.

If you would like to beat the increase then you need to get your application form to Cardiff County Council by the 31st March.

Have your say: Do you think that it is unfair for the council to penalise landlords that are applying for licences, or do you think it is a necessary step to improve the safety of rented property in Cardiff?

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04 March 2009


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