Pontcanna residents divided over support of the development of flats

Pontcanna residents divided over support of the development of flats

Pontcanna resident groups Radical and Crag could determine the future of planned flats on Conway Road

The plan, which splits the residents is over whether to support develop David Loosemore’s plan to build 120 flats and a nursing home on the former St Winefride’s nursing home site.

Plans were rejected by Cardiff City’s Planning committee in October.  When the committee visited, front windows throughout Pontcanna carried red A4 Radical posters proclaiming their owners’ objection to the scheme.

Yet Dr Alan Lane, the chairman of Crag (Canna Residents’ Action Group), a longer standing residents association, has now made his support for the scheme public and is fighting for residents’ support with a two-sided A4 leaflet being passed around the area.

In the leaflet he argues that this development is the lesser of two evils and that if this one does not go ahead there could be a less sympathetic developer later.  He writes that “There will be a development on this site. Public green space or a school on the site is unfortunately not an option”

“The alternative is likely to be a mass house developer who would probably demolish the historic buildings and build an ugly modern estate, thus seriously damaging this part of the new conservation area.”

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18 December 2008


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