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With years and years of property price increases a lot of serious buy to let investors have been sitting on the fence twiddling thumbs thinking “when will this madness end”. With property price drops this past 12 months and talk of the credit crunch it is at last happening and those investors heavily reliant on large borrowings are being pushed out of the market with escalating cost of mortgages and loans. Investors with free capital can now hunt out reasonable returns of 10% once more.

The days are gone with Cardiff Bay Investors purchasing with 3, 4 and 5% returns because they had thought the Capital appreciation was going to go through the roof…. Cardiff’s rental market can again thrive with reasonable returns, sensible, seasoned landlords who appreciate its not always plain sailing and money does need spending to maintain the property and keep happy, paying tenants.

If you are interested in the Cardiff Buy to Let market & looking to take advantage of this swing in the market, you will need to put your mortgage in place in the first instance, once you have done this if you need any assistance please register with or 02920454555.

26 September 2008


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