HMO - Cardiff County Council Regulations

New guidance on Fire Doors from CCC.

If there are no smoke detectors in the bedrooms, smoke seals are “out” and intumescent strips “in.”

In Layman’s terms this means there needs to be plastic strips rather than the furry ‘brush-style’ seals!

Further to the recent loosening of the regulations on the fire alarm requirements CCC are addressing many parts of their current policy.

If a property has the ‘Lower’ standard Grade D system, with no detectors in the bedrooms, the new thinking is: “should there be a fire in any of the bedrooms smoke should be allowed seep under the door in order to set off the smoke detectors in the passageways and alert the Tenants!”

CPS Lettings has discussed this new issue with builders and we understand that it is not a difficult or expensive item to address in most cases.

If you have any questions please contact Gwyneth Oakman on 02920 454555. More info on this and more will be displayed shortly.

16 September 2008


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