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CPS Homes' Web Advertising!

CPS Homes’ website attracts over 140,000 visitors a year, approximately 12,000 a month!

The number of visitors we had simply being directed through the Google search engine alone was 8000 in the period 1st Apr 08 – 30th Apr 08. This was achieved through excellent organic listings and our Pay-Per-Click campaign.

CPS Homes are one of the few estate agents in the Cardiff market that have their own web development team that strive to ensure our properties have the maximum and most effective exposure possible.

We are members of many property portals which you most probably have either visited yourself or seen advertised on TV, radio or in publications: Rightmove, Yell.com, Email4property, Findaproperty, ToRent, UKpropertyshop and many more!

In addition to the web advertising CPS Homes’ also run various competitions, sponsorships, promotional items and much more throughout Cardiff! More information coming soon!

22 May 2008


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