1st of July - Key day!

As you aware ‘key day’ is fast approaching. The majority of tenants won’t be moving in fully until 1st September, but most of them will be moving their belongings in on 1st July. The 1st does fall on a Sunday this year, however CPS will be open as if a week day.

Works that are to be done on the properties will be done over the summer period but please be aware that unless there are arrangements in place, people who are moving in on the 1st July may expect works to be completed by then.

The weekend of the 1st will be very busy and please appreciate that over this time we will be trying our hardest to ensure people move in with as little hassle as possible. CPS Homes would appreciate your co-operation during this time.

If your property is newly managed, please ensure all keys are at the Miskin Street branch in plenty of time for collection.

08 June 2007


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