My Property Is a HMO - What Do I Need To Do?

It depends whether or not you need a license. You will need a license if the property is 3 or more storeys (converted attics and basements included!) AND has 5 or more tenants. If you have 4 or fewer tenants or your property is 2 storeys high you will not need a license. Your property will just be a standard HMO. The exception to this rule is where the house has been converted into self-contained flats—this is not a licensable house but each individual flat may be an HMO.

We have compiled a list of all of our managed properties that require an HMO license. If you are one of our landlords with a property that we manage, you will be receiving a letter over the next few days confirming whether or not you need a license.

There are still a number of regulations for non-licensable HMOs set by the Council that MUST be met to avoid potentially hefty fines. CPS Homes will arrange most of this work for our managed landlords automatically so you must let us know if you have other arrangements in place. We are dedicated to bringing all of our managed properties up to standard. This may take up to 3 years and the Council are aware and happy with this.

14 August 2006


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