Cardiff sets £400 licensing fee

Those of you who have been following the HMO licensing debate may well have been concerned about what licensing will cost you.

When the Welsh Assembly Government consulted Cardiff County Council and landlords about this some 12 months ago, there was talk of capping fees at £110 per habitable room, which would have given the green light to fees in excess of £1000 for the larger properties.

The Government has decided not to cap fees, but has instead urged the council to set sensible fees and be ready to justify them to landlords, with a threat to cap fees if the Council do not play ball.

Cardiff County Council have been listening to the concerns of local landlords have decided on a fee that is significantly lower than many of the charges set by other Councils.

So the fee for a license for an HMO will be £400. The fee will cover the property for the entire period of the license which will usually be 5 years. Where shorter licenses are awarded (if the Council has concerns about landlords) the fee will be the same, becasue the administrative costs will be the same.

If you are a landlord who has met the Accreditation Plus standard, the fee for the accredited HMO will be £300. Further to this, whether you meet the Accreditation Plus standard or not, a further £50 will be deducted from the fee for all applications received within 6 months of licensing going live.

It is envisaged that licensing of HMOs will commence in June or July this year. Cardiff County Coucnil are working to ensure that applciations can be received from day one.

Not all HMOs need a license!!
Mandatory licensing will apply to 3 storey HMOs that have 5 or more occupants. If it were 3 storey with 4 occupants it would not need a license. If it were of 2 storeys with 5 or more occupants it would not need a license. It must be 3 storey and have 5 occupants.

The council are not yet able to accept applications but we are expecting an update on this in early June. In the meantime, we will be compiling a list of all of our managed properties that will need a license and contacting the landlords individually.

Should you have any queries or concerns relating to HMO licensing, please contact Nell by e-mail or on 029 2045 4555.

25 May 2006


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