Rubbish, recycling and unwanted belongings at the end of your tenancy

Our contract-holders must ensure they leave nothing behind when they vacate their property; whether that be outside or inside, including in cupboards. We will have to charge your deposit for removing any rubbish and unwanted belongings you leave behind.

It is extremely expensive for removal companies to dispose of these items because businesses are unable to use local Waste and Recycling centres free of charge, so it is within your own interests to ensure everything is gone before you vacate the property.

Leaving bags in the forecourt/garden of the property will not suffice as nobody will then place them on the street ahead of normal collection day. The Council will not enter forecourts/gardens to collect and you cannot return to put bins/bags out on the street.

The scale of charges to remove your rubbish/unwanted items will be as follows*;

  • Up to 4 bags: £55
  • 5-7 bags: £85
  • 8-11 bags: £110
  • 12-15 bags: £140
  • 16+ bags: At least £165

Please note that these charges are subject to change, and bulkier items will incur additional charges.

There's a common misconception that leaving household items (bedding, kitchenware, small furniture, cleaning products etc) is acceptable, but we do ask that all of these items are removed. Please make sure you check all rooms and storage areas, including under-stairs cupboards, under sinks and any outhouses/sheds. Anything that’s not listed on your inventory or been supplied by your landlord since you moved in needs to be removed.

In order to avoid the above charges, there are several things you can do;

Have it collected as normal

To check your waste collection days, please visit the Council’s website.

For Cathays, collections are typically made on Wednesdays. Please pay attention to what is collected and when during the month of June. The last general waste collection before your move-out date may be two weeks before your move-out date, rather than the week before. So make sure you check this closely and don't leave any general waste out on a day that it won't be collected.

If you have a wheelie bin, general waste should be bagged in black bin bags and placed in your wheelie bin ready for collection. If you don't have one, you'll need to bag your general waste in red-striped waste bags provided by the Council and put them out on your collection day.

If you need to order more general waste bags or food caddy liners, you can do so online at

Pay the council to take it away

Alternatively, Cardiff Council run a chargeable collection service for 5 or more bin bags of rubbish. You can call them on 02920 872087 to arrange a collection. The costs can be found here on the website. CPS Homes will not be using this facility to remove your rubbish.

If you have any bulky items that need collecting that can also be recycled, Cardiff Council will collect this for free! 

Take it to the tip

If you're not able to donate items or put your rubbish out for collection, there are a couple of local Waste and Recycling Centres you can take them to, but you'll need to make an appointment first. You cannot access recycling centres on foot or by bike, the times below are for cars and vans.

*Whilst these are standard charges, they are always circumstantial and subject to change.

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