Deposit return expectations

As we approach the end of a tenancy, we understand there may be some questions surrounding the deposit return and how long it will take.

We first conduct a check-out inspection, where we attend to assess the final condition of the property in comparison to the inventory.

If you returned an accurate inventory at the start of the tenancy, you're in a good position because our mandate is to be thorough, but fair, to both you and your landlord. If you failed to document certain issues on your inventory, then unfortunately this may come back to haunt you because we can only rely upon the signed inventory in our possession when conducting your check-out inspection.

If you feel you have made any big omissions to the inventory, please e-mail us explaining the issue(s) now and provide photos. We can’t promise anything, but we’ll see if anything can be done. It’s arguably already too late to rectify things, but it definitely will be if you leave it until check-out inspection.

Any cleaning and repairs jobs needed will be passed to professional contractors to complete, which is likely to cause a delay in the return of your deposit as we will need to confirm final costs with the contractors prior to issuing the return. Due to the high volume of properties with tenancies ending between June and September, these jobs go into a queue of work, so don’t necessarily get dealt with immediately.

Only once all costs are collated will we be in a position to process the deposit return. Please consider that your deposit will be among several hundred that are due to be returned over the coming months, so there will undoubtedly be a delay compared to other, quieter times of the year.

What should I do if I don’t agree with the deductions proposed from my deposit?

Deductions will arise where we find damages or cleaning issues which don’t appear on your original inventory and are deemed to be over and beyond 'fair wear and tear'. If you believe that the condition of an item is the same now as when your tenancy began, then you will need to provide evidence (e.g. dated photos) to support this.

Unfortunately, we are not able to discuss deposits returns over the phone. We are dealing with large numbers of check-outs, so we will need to peruse each report and liaise with your landlord regarding any disputes. A clear list of which items you are disputing and your reasoning, along with supporting evidence, can be sent via e-mail to For clarity, we will only accept and respond to e-mails from the lead tenant in each tenancy.

Once agreed, how is my deposit returned?

Your deposit is registered with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and the return comes from them, not CPS Homes. The DPS will have e-mailed your group the 'Deposit ID' soon after you signed your tenancy agreement, which you will need in order to accept the return of your deposit. If you are missing this information, please contact the DPS directly and they will re-send it.

Once ready for return, somebody in your group should login to the DPS website and enter each tenant’s bank details, along with how much each tenant is to receive. The DPS will then make a bank transfer of the funds, which normally takes between 3-5 working days.

Ask us questions

Ask us questions

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