End of tenancy meter readings

Contract-holders are responsible for the payment of utilities up to and including the last day of their tenancy, so it's important you take your final meter readings and provide them to your suppliers; meaning they can bill you accurately. Naturally, you can only take and provide the final readings on the last day you're present at the property. 

We strongly suggest taking photos of the readings and retaining them in case of any disputes with your suppliers.

If you have trouble locating your gas and/or electricity meters, they are typically located in the hallway, basement, ground floor front room or externally near the front door. For flats, you may find one or both are located in the communal areas of the building. If you're unsure where any of your meters are located and/or can't take a reading, you can ask your supplier to take them on your behalf, but they'll need a few days' notice.

If you are using a pay-as-you-go meter for gas or electricity, please ensure the key is left in the meter and inform CPS Homes at your check-out inspection. If there is any debt left on the meter, please make sure this is cleared prior to your check-out, otherwise the cost of the debt plus an administration charge of £25 + VAT will be claimed from your deposit.

Finally, we may need a record of these, so please ensure you keep a record of them should we need to ask you for them. 

Please be aware that CPS Homes will not be closing your utility accounts on your behalf as it is the contract-holders’ responsibility to contact suppliers.

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