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At CPS Homes, we pride ourselves on being the market leader when it comes to property management in Cardiff. In fact, information available from Cardiff Council shows we manage more HMOs than any other letting agent in the city.

With this in mind, we believe there’s no-one better placed to advise landlords on their legal responsibilities when it comes to owning HMOs. For example, if you need advice on whether your property is eligible for a HMO licence, and what type on licence you need, then look no further.

Service for managed landlords

If we manage your property, we'll deal with the whole licensing process on your behalf, which includes:

  • Submission of the application form and relevant safety certificates.
  • On-site meetings with Cardiff Council to identify any work that may be needed in order for the licence to be granted.
  • Increased periodic inspections, meaning we attend the property quarterly, and completely free of charge.
  • Handling any maintenance and management requests from Cardiff Council.

Service for non-managed landlords

Even if we don't manage your property, we're happy to offer you a consultancy service where we inspect the property and check:

  • The level of amenities at the property, ensuring they're suitable for the number of tenants you intend to move in. This will include the number of bathrooms, W.Cs, worktop space and storage, cookers, and sinks.
  • Requirements relating to amenities, such as extractor fans, tiling, and electric sockets.
  • Space requirements, which may include taking measurements in order to ascertain if communal areas are acceptable for the number of occupants, and to check the bedrooms are large enough in relation to the headspace and communal areas available.
  • The fire alarm system, ensuring one is present and will be compliant with licence conditions. We'll physically check for any issues that could arise from it.
  • The property is compliant with fire safety, which includes checking that the doors at the property are of the correct type, and that any internal walls are of the correct fire resistance.
  • A number of other items as per LACORS guidance, which will include a risk assessment of inner rooms, any work required for basements, and fire precautions for under stair cupboards.
  • The property is adequate from a HHSRS perspective, ensuring that any health and safety issues do not cause problems upon inspection from Cardiff Council.

After attending, we'll produce a written report that details our findings and states where, if anywhere, the property does not meet the requirements for HMO licensing, including recommendations to ensure compliance. The recommendations, which will be cost effective and directly related to the level of occupancy, will also recommend ways in which you can maximise your investment, where applicable.

We'll also provide you with a checklist of procedures to carry out to ensure you meet the ongoing obligations that come with being a HMO licence holder.

Please call us today on 02920 668585.

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